Glaucous: the color of the sea of ​​Soverato on hot summer days.

Beach: an engaging and exclusive experience in one of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria.

Community: the places of the heart are sometimes the people.


The Glauco Beach Community lies on a strip of land facing the sea that extends for 350 linear meters, for a total area exceeding 12,000 m2. The structure is equipped with a parking area capable of accommodating more than 100 cars.

The space, amidst the greenery of the thick Mediterranean scrub, is divided into several areas: from the "aperitif terrace" to the "garden by the sea", to make your moments of relaxation and vacation unique.

Thomas beach is reserved for your 4-legged friends, who can enjoy their holiday in Soverato in an area of ​​the beach dedicated only to you and them.